Winnipeg is currently in the midst of the third coldest winter in more than 100 years. If you’re under 35 years old, then this is the coldest winter your body has ever felt.

Environment Canada records show that the mean temperature between December and February has been -20.1 C, which is the coldest recorded since 1978/79. 72 of those days had the wind-chill below -30 C, Winnipeg’s average is 40 days. 29 days saw the wind-chill below -40 C, Winnipeg’s average is 12 days of bone chilling weather.

The worst day during this cold nightmare was on January 5, 2014 when the wind-chill made it feel like -51 C. And to make matters even worse, Environment Canada says this cold weather is expected to stay until Mid-March.

But heck, #WeAreWinterpeg! We were built for this. Lets go get some Slurpee and laugh it all off!