MoneySense, a Canadian financial magazine, has released its 2014 edition of Canada’s Best Places to Live and Winnipeg has been ranked fifth in the Best Large-Sized Cities category. It’s overall ranking was 19th.

A few stats from MoneySense:

  • Population: 769,351
  • Population Grown 2008 – 2013: 5.00%
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.7%
  • Avg. Household Income: $80,375.63
  • Avg. Discretionary Income: $37,234.45
  • Avg. Household Net Worth: $331,003.00
  • Avg. House Prices: $289,116.00
  • Avg. Years to Buy a Home: 3.6 Years
  • Avg. Property Tax: $1,711.00 (at 2.11%)
  • 5.43% of the population walks to work
  • 1.47% of the population bikes to work
  • 12.37% takes public transit to work

Data is gathered from Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA), Census Agglomeration (CA) and Census Subdivisions, (CSD) as defined by Statistics Canada. Though its impossible to use data to measure the nearness of family or the friendliness of neighbours to identify a great place to live, they did a pretty good job with what they had.

You can read more on the methodology of the rating here. To view the full list, head over to