1,500 Tickets Issued in April for Using Cellphone While Driving
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MPI has announced that over 1,500 tickets were issued in April to Manitoba drivers who were using an electronic hand-held device while driving.

“Distracted driving is extremely dangerous driver behaviour,” said MaryAnn Kempe, vice-president, Community & Corporate Relations, Manitoba Public Insurance. “The numbers clearly show that some drivers continue to break the law and place innocent motorists at risk.”

Around 25 Manitoba road deaths each year are due to distracted driving. The penalty for using a hand-held electronic device while driving is a $200 ticket and two demerits.

Being distracted, even for just a few seconds, is all it takes to cause a fatal crash. Texting, emailing or talking on the phone is against the law in Manitoba.

9 out of 10 Manitobans admit that cell phone use while driving is a serious problem… we know that its easier said than done… but while driving… put the phone down. A missed txt message isn’t worth a lost life.

Did You Know? You are 4 times more likely to be in a crash if you talk on your phone while driving. Even worse, you are 23 times more likely to be in a crash if you text and drive.