Cora's Breakfast: FREE Specialty Coffee With $7 Purchase
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The Cora’s Breakfast location at St. Boniface Cultural Centre, will be replaced by a Stella’s by the end of the year.

Cora’s lease will expire on August 31, 2014 and Stella’s will take over right after. They will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a full service bar. The Winnipeg-based restaurant will also have bilingual staff.

St. Boniface Cultural Centre was looking for a tenant that could offer evening traffic. Cora’s, being a specialty breakfast restaurant, was closed at 3:00pm everyday.

“The CCFM considered two proposals brought forth in recent months.” stated CCFM Board President, Gérald Clément. “We thank the Cora Franchise Group for submitting an offer that we reviewed carefully. We recognize that Chez Cora’s has a faithful and satisfied clientele. For CCFM, it was not a process of determining whether Chez Cora’s should stay or not beyond the terms of our existing lease; rather, it was considering all proposals equally and selecting the one that best fulfills our mandate,”

Those looking for a Cora’s fix can still head to the location at 840 Waverley Street.