2014 Buskers Festival at The Forks
Image The Fire Guy – Uploaded by Scott.Paterson

Hundreds of buskers (street performers) will gather at The Forks Market from May 2 and 3, 2014 for the 2014 Buskers Festival. Buskers from all around the city will audition and compete for a 2014 coveted Busk Pass.

What is a Busk Pass?
Street performers at The Forks must have a Busk Pass to perform at designated Busk Stops. There is an annual audition (Buskers Festival) that takes places to give performers the opportunity to purchase a Busk Pass. Only those who pass the audition can purchase a Busk Pass. This should be tons of fun to watch! Every Busker candidate will be given approximately 5 minutes to perform for the audience and the judges.

Regular Busk Stop Fees:

  • $10.00 Audition Fee (GST included) – payable before auditioning
  • $40.00 Annual License Fee (GST included)
  • $60.00 Annual License Fee (GST included) if selling preauthorized merchandise

Interested in auditioning? Head to the Buskers Festival page for more information. You’ll need to fill out a audition booking form and return it to the 202 Office. You will then be notified by email or phone on your confirmation date & time. [THEFORKS]