Mobile Photo Radar Brings in $11-Million in 2013
Image by vidioman

Did you get a photo radar ticket from a mobile unit in 2013? Then you’re one of 74,897 vehicle owners in Manitoba who all received infractions.

That number is up from 45,735 in 2012. The increase is not because more people are speeding, but because the mobile photo radar units now has implemented new radar technology to catch more speeders.

The new technology allows mobile units to park their vehicles in areas their vehicles couldn’t previous access. This allows radar monitoring in more areas (and perhaps better concealment of those vehicles)

Over, revenue from the mobile photo radar program raked in $11,668,487. The profit for the WPS was $7,528,525. (Cue the chants of TAX GRAB)

As painful as those $200 tickets are… when it comes down to it… JUST SLOW DOWN. If you don’t speed, you won’t get a ticket.

Now that these eye-opening numbers are out in the public, the WPS expect the numbers to decrease and motorist to begin taking more caution.