MPI: 40% of All Long Weekend Accidents Occur on Friday

It may not be Friday the 13, but according to Manitoba Public Insurance 40 percent of all long weekend road deaths and injuries occur on the Friday.

MPI released some very chilling numbers in regards to long weekends. On average, at least one person is killed and more than 30 people are injured on the Friday leading into a three-day long weekend.

Sunday and Monday have the smallest number of victims per day according to data collected between 2008-2012.

“The statistics confirm many motorists are taking risks on Friday. Road safety should be a priority this Civic Holiday long weekend. There will be higher than normal traffic volume on the roadways. Safety must be a priority.” said MaryAnn Kempe, Vice-President, Business Development, Communications & Chief Product Officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

Top Five Road Safety Tips:

  1. Alcohol and driving is a deadly mix. One in three fatal accidents in this province is alcohol related.
  2. Buckle up. Your chances of being injured or killed in a collision are reduced by more than 50 per cent when you use your seatbelt.
  3. Reduce speed while in a construction zone. Watch for signs as the speed limit will be lower in a construction zone. Follow directions. The flag person helps control the flow of traffic. Follow their directions, including slowing down or stopping.
  4. Don’t text and drive. It’s against the law. One in four fatal crashes in Manitoba are related to distracted driving.
  5. Don’t speed. Speeding at-fault drivers are responsible for an average of 22 fatal and 430 injury crashes each year.

We are all excited about the long weekend, but lets stay safe Winnipeg!