Spotify Finally Coming to Canada
Image by laughingsquid

Spotify, one of the biggest players in the streaming music industry, is finally coming to Canada.

Pandora, Spotify, and Songza (which was recently purchased by Google) has always been the kings of music streaming. However, Canadians were all forced to use Songza since Pandora and Spotify were not offered in the Canadian market.

That’s all about to change. Canadians can now register for early access to Spotify at

Spotify takes on a “freemium” model where users get basic features for free, and have to pay for enhanced playback. In the U.S., a $9.99/month subscription gets you ad-free access, the ability to listen to music offline, and higher quality streams.

Songza’s subscription service is priced at 99 cents a week and gives you similar features.

Apples $3-billion acquisition of Beats and its music stream service hints that Apple is ready to break into the global market as well.

Whats your preferred streaming service?