Winnipeg's Top 10 Boozy Events
Image by simon_cocks

Here are the Top 10 Boozy Events that surround festivals, sporting events, concerts and the like.

In no particular order…

It has been thirteen years of volleyball, naughty named teams, shirtless men and barely there ladies in a hedonistic but good old fashioned competition of sport. While the younger set are there in droves, it is attracting larger participation every July. The planners tell people to send out one last tweet when sports wind down and drink flow. The reason: You won’t remember the rest of the night.

Dauphin’s Countryfest
The sell out happens almost the moment the tickets are made available. For a short time, the grounds around Dauphin’s country music stage resemble the biggest recreation vehicle parking lot in the west. The rains which happen very June since 1990 are no obstacle for the young fans. Nor is the pilgrimage down the various highways to get there. Jean shorts and cowboy hats and a crowd ready to dance. After comes a huge return on aluminum cans of beer empties.

Commerce Social
The Asper School of Business Commerce students hold a variety of socials in a year. None holds a candle to their Christmas social in December. Other faculties for Nursing, Arts, Engineering will scramble for the eventual sell out even to mark the end of semester and holidays coming for Christmas. The boozy student event is a reminder that all work and no play makes for a very dull university campus.

Winnipeg Folk Festival
This July festival is whatever people make of it. The family enjoys but it has a boozy aspect the runs late into the night with drumming, music and fellowship. More laid back that some of their more raucous music cousins and sometimes less booze than a smokey evening but it makes one of North America’s biggest events.

Canada’s contribution to world peace. Cultural festival with dancing, singing, food and booze of the world. An event that draws many citizens of the province and beyond. It probably gave Epcot at Disney the idea that booze and culture is good. August always goes well with a yummy and entertaining Folklorama.

The Ball
The longest running pansexual fetish event possibly in North America. Held every few months in the Osborne Village Inn, it may be the only boozy event that boasts a dungeon. The Halloween social they host could be the event of the season for those who have the right costume and the right attitude.

Pride Winnipeg
A mix of events for family, friends and supporters. It also a beer tent and a dance party. They even had queer beer. Boozy, celebratory and growing each year. Another of the big June events.

Festival du Voyageur
It is February. Time to get the maple syrup and booze out and celebrate Manitoba’s French culture and history. Lots of family things but a big social event dinner, lots of food and lots of booze. Perfect for a cold winter in Manitoba and great to visit St. Boniface.

Islendingadagurinn Festival (Icelandic Festival of Manitoba)
The alternative folk music fest happens during the Icelandic festival and so much more. It is the longest running event on lake Winnipeg and a food and boozy event much loved by the citizenry. You may even see Vikings!

Canada Day Osborne Village Street Festival
Canada’s favourite neighbourhood closes the entire street on June 30, July 1 for Canada Day. Lots of family events but lots of restaurants and a few bars for the event to be one of the boozy top 10 for Winnipeg. Music, people watching, sun and food. A great street party.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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