I’ve never been a fan of RPG games, and Final Fantasy wasn’t an exception — but wow does this look good!

Square Enix has provided an extended look at Final Fantasy XV. A playable demo will be made available sometime during 2015.

Final Fantasy XV is set in a world similar to modern-day Earth. The land is divided between various countries that had been locked in a cold war over the nations’ crystals, objects of political power. The result of the war is that all but the nation of Lucis have regressed to a medieval state: Lucis has become isolated from the rest of the world and has become a technologically-advanced nation ruled by a family that operates similar to the mafia. Due to the war, all but Lucis eventually lost their crystals: they have since focused their efforts on the development of weapons rather than on the progress of their culture, which left them in their regressive state. The nation of Niflheim is the main enemy of Lucis, and the only one not to have been entrusted with a crystal. Among the other nations of the world are Tenebrae, Solheim and Accordo. In the world of XV, people who have suffered from a near-death experience are gifted with magical powers and the ability to predict the deaths of others from the realm of the dead, ruled over by the Goddess Etro. This power has both positive and negative effects on those who wield it.

Final Fantasy XV for PS4 and Xbox One is due for a release in 2015.