Brian Bowman is the Mayor of Winnipeg

Brian Bowman is the new Mayor of Winnipeg.

Mayor Bowman received 111,504 votes accounting for 47.54% overall. Here’s how the tight race played out:

  • Brian BOWMAN 111504 (47.54%)
  • Judy WASYLYCIA-LEIS 58,440 (24.92%)
  • Robert-Falcon OUELLETTE 36,823 (15.70%)
  • Gord STEEVES 21,080 (8.99%)
  • David SANDERS 3,718 (1.59%)
  • Paula HAVIXBECK 2,083 (0.89%)
  • Michel FILLION 898 (0.38%)

Thank You Message from Brian Bowman:
Thank you for all your support throughout the election. We’re excited about the future of Winnipeg — our best days are in front of us!

When this campaign started, we made the case for positive change for Winnipeg.

That negative, old school politics had no place in our campaign and in our city.

That Winnipeg needed a New Generation of Leadership.

And, together, we have done just that!

This campaign has been an unbelievable experience.

I have been excited to meet so many Winnipeggers, people from every neighbourhood, with different backgrounds, jobs, careers, families – the diversity of this city is incredible and it has been a real joy to experience it so closely these past few months.

I am also humbled by the mandate that you have given me, Winnipeg!

From right across the spectrum, Winnipeggers stepped forward to support my vision and I am forever grateful.

Winnipeggers wanted positive change and today, they voted for it!!