New Costco Gold Star Membership for $45
Image by ethenelin

If you don’t have a Costco Gold Star Membership yet, you’ll want to check out this deal from Groupon.

You’ll pay $55, the same price as you would pay at Costco, but through Groupon, you’ll get a few bonuses:

  • One-year Costco Gold Star Membership
  • $10 Costco Cash Card
  • Free pack of popcorn kernels
  • Free rotisserie chicken
  • $15 in additional exclusive coupons

The whole package is valued at $80.98! With the $10 Costco Cash Card, it makes the membership fee pretty much $45!

Unfortunately, this offer is for new Costco members only or members that have been expired for more than 12 months. After purchase, purchaser must follow redemption instructions on voucher to register online. After online registration, membership must be activated at one of the listed locations. [GROUPON]