The City of Winnipeg has posted aerial footage of the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project, which is now complete.

If you haven’t had a chance to drive by it yet, here’s a great look at Winnipeg newest roads.

The project is a series of road infrastructure improvements that provide vital transportation links in this growing residential area, including the extension of Kenaston Boulevard which is a principal route for people and goods within Winnipeg and Manitoba.

The key components of the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project include:

  • Reconfiguration of the Kenaston Boulevard and Bishop Grandin Boulevard intersection.
  • A two lane overpass and ramp lanes that connect southbound Kenaston Boulevard to eastbound Bishop Grandin Boulevard to allow for continuous traffic flow.
  • A new four lane extension of Kenaston Boulevard, linking the Kenaston Boulevard/Bishop Grandin Boulevard intersection with the south Perimeter.
  • A new four lane section of roadway that realigns Waverley Street to connect to the new Kenaston Boulevard extension.
  • The addition of two new lanes and rehabilitation of two existing lanes of Waverley Street from Sandusky Drive to Bison Drive.
  • A new intersection at the realigned Waverley Street and Kenaston Boulevard.
  • A new at-grade intersection at Kenaston Boulevard and the south Perimeter.
  • The closing of north access at the signalized intersection at Waverley Street and the South Perimeter, and related alterations to the south access of Waverley Street.

Pedestrian and active transportation improvements were also made, including connections to the Bishop Grandin Greenway, and new neighbourhoods to the south.

Quick Facts

  • The total cost of the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project was $69.7 million.
  • The Government of Canada is contributing up to $18.233 million from the Major Infrastructure Component of the Building Canada Fund. The Province of Manitoba is providing $15 million and the City of Winnipeg is contributing the remaining $36.5 million.
  • Waverley West is about 2,900 acres of land in southwest Winnipeg where new neighbourhoods are emerging.