Interactive Virtual Tour of Winnipeg's Thermea Spa

Our friends over at MJB Studios have been very busy bringing interactive Google Virtual Tours to more establishments in Winnipeg.

The technology allows customers to take a virtual step inside local businesses from the comfort of their own home.

Here’s a interactive tour of Thermea Spa, a unique take on an outdoor Spa that involves heating up your body temperature in a sauna, then taking a dunk in ice cold water!

Thermotherapy is a practice of alternating hot and cold. In a sauna, the temperature of your body will rise, which will clean it from the inside by eliminating toxins. When transitioning from a hot to temperate or cold environment, your body releases adrenaline, a stimulating hormone. After a thermal transition, adrenaline is replaced by endorphins. This creates a sensation of deep relaxation throughout the body.

Repeating the hot-cold-rest thermal cycle three times will eliminate toxins from your body and bring about deep relaxation.

If you’re interested in bringing an interactive Google Business Tour to your establishment, then contact the fine folks at MJB Studios.