Police Charge 51 Year-Old Man for Ticket Scalping at MTS Centre

The Winnipeg Police Counter Exploitation Unit has charged a 51 year-old man for scalping Winnipeg Jets tickets.

Undercover officers roamed the vicinity of the MTS Centre before the Game 4 Stanley Cup Playoff game between the Jets and Ducks.

There they purchased a ticket from a 51 year-old male for $600.00. The ticket had an original face value of $344.50 including taxes.

The ticket was seized, and the man was issued a Provincial Offence Notice under section 60 of the Amusement Act for Scalping.

Section 60 of The Amusement Act states that no person shall barter exchange for anything any ticket to a place of amusement for a price or consideration greater than that paid or given therefor to the owner of the place of amusement to which it is an admission.

This includes Jets games, Bomber games, concerts, and any other amusement tickets.

Ticket scalping has always been a problem for the Winnipeg Jets… we’re glad that this can be used as an example to scare potential future scalpers next season.