REMINDER: 2015 Folklorama Kicks Off This Weekend

A reminder that the world’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival will run from August 2 – 15, 2015.

Folklorama is one of our favorite events of the year.

It began in 1970 as a one time multicultural event to celebrate Manitoba’s Centennial. It was so successful it has returned every year since.

Fun stats about Folklorama:

  • On average, Folklorama receives around 400,000 pavilion visits each year
  • About 21% of pavilion visitors come from outside of Winnipeg.
  • Typically, more than 3,000 entertainers perform at more than 1,500 shows throughout the two-week festival.
  • On average, 600,000 meals are served and 1,000,000 beverages are poured before the conclusion of the festival.
  • Approximately 20,000 volunteers participate to make Folklorama possible.

Its a celebration of life and culture with world-class entertainment, delicious authentic food and beautiful cultural displays. Explore one of the most vibrant arts and culture scenes found in the heart of the continent.

The 2015 Folklorama Travel Guide is now available and should help you plan out your pavilion visits.

It’s definitely going to be a great one this year! Visit for more information.