Folklorama 2015: Korean Pavilion

Access Winnipeg has been out and about covering the two week festival of Folklorama. It is the largest cultural gathering in North America and a top tourist attraction.

The food at the Korean pavilion was very tasty and the action on the stage energetic. Demonstrations of Korean martial arts to music and the splitting of planks kept the crowd entertained. Drums and dance showed off the Korean arts.

More picture and more pavilions to come!


Official Pavliion Information:

J.B. Mitchell School | 1720 John Brebeuf Pl. (Located off Lanark between Grant & Corydon)
Fort Garry/River Heights


Join us in experiencing the culture and beauty of Korea. Enjoy the masterful harmony of traditional fan and drum dances. Then watch an explosive martial arts performance by the Tae Kwon Do demonstration team. Savour dishes of bulgogi (barbequed beef), jap chae (noodle and vegetable dish), kimchi, mandu (dumplings) and kimbab (sushi), and sample our imported Soju liqueur. Take part in a traditional Korean art form and have your name written in beautiful calligraphy. Visit our cultural display to learn about Korean pottery, clothes, musical instruments, and fans.