Manitoba Restaurants Closed Due to Failed Health Inspections and Rodents

Manitoba Health has released its list of annual restaurant closures and violations. The report show restaurants the were forced to close due to failed health inspections.

Various Winnipeg restaurants fail due to leaking ceilings, unsanitary dishes, and even rodent and mouse infestations!

Restaurant Closures:

DESEO BISTRO (696 Osborne Street)

  • Closed Aug 31/15. Reopened Sept 1/15.
    Dishwasher mot sanitizing dishes to 50ppm chlorine. 3-compartment sink not equipped/maintained for manual dishwashing.
  • Closed Aug 25/15. Reopened Aug 28/15.
    Numerous critical violations including inoperable plumbing, inability to dishwash, improper storage temperatures of potentially hazardous foods, obstructed hand wash sink at the food preparation area and poor general sanitation.


  • Closed Aug 21/15. Reopened Aug 26/15.
    Dishwasher failed to sanitize tableware and equipment food and non-food contact surfaces not clean and sanitized. The floors and walls are filthy in the kitchen. No sanitizing agent detected on the wiping cloths.

IGI BBQ & SUSHI BISTRO (10-1875 Pembina Hwy)

  • Closed Aug 21/15. Reopened Aug 24/15.
    Stored food under insanitary conditions and failed to ensure dishwasher is capable of sanitizing all utensils and tableware.

ASIAN CABANA (A-1393 Pembina Hwy)

  • Closed Jul 9/15. Reopened July 16/15.
    Fail to prevent the entrance and presence of rodents.

KENKO SUSHI (788 Corydon Ave)

  • Closed Jul 7/15. Reopened Jul 15/15.
    Failed to ensure dishwasher is sanitizing dishes to 50 ppm chlorine, failed to take effective measures against the entry and presence of rodents in the establishment, and stored food under insanitary conditions.

GOOD FORTUNE (110-1100 Concordia Ave)

  • Closed Jul 6/15. Reopened Jul 9/15.
    Insanitary conditions, rodents.

SHERBROOK STREET DELICATESSEN (Mobile Unit) (Pembina Hwy and McGillivray Blvd)

  • Closed Jun 15/15. Reopened Jun 16/15.
    Food premises maintained in a manner that affect sanitary conditions.


  • Closed Jun 8/15. Reopened Jun 17/15.
    Failure to take effective measures against the entry and presence of rodents in the establishment. Store and prepare food under insanitary conditions.

7-ELEVEN (815 Ellice Ave)

  • Closed Jun 7/15. Reopened Jun 8/15.
    Water leaking from the ceiling of store.


  • Closed Apr 21/15. Reopened Apr 22/15.
    Failure to ensure mechanical dishwasher is capable of sanitizing all utensils

CHINA CITY (1811 Portage Ave)

  • Closed Apr 13/15. Reopened Apr 17/15.
    Rodent infestation and failure to provide 50ppm chlorine to sanitize dishes in the mechanical dishwasher.

LISBON BAKERY (717 Sargent Ave)

  • Closed Mar 23/15. Reopened Mar 27/15.
    Rodent infestation.

BISTRO 7ΒΌ (725 Osborne St)

  • Closed Feb 12/15. Hasn’t reopened.
    As an operator of a food handling establishment, fail to take effective measures against the entry and presence of insects in the establishment.

IDOL ASIAN CUISINE (7-1910 Pembina Hwy)

  • Closed Feb 4/15. Reopened Feb 9/15.
    Operator of the food service establishment failed to maintain premise in good repair and kept clean (Food and Food Handling Regulations 339/88 Section 11(1).


  • Closed Dec 4/14. Reopened Dec 8/14.
    Food premises maintained in a manner that adversely affect sanitary conditions.


  • Closed Nov 14/14. Reopened Nov 18/14.
    Mouse infestation.

INDIA SPICE HOUSE (3-1875 Pembina Hwy)

  • Closed Oct 8/14. Reopened Oct 9/14.
    Food premises maintained in a manner that adversely affect sanitary conditions.

NEW HOST RESTAURANT (1364 Main Street)

  • Closed Oct 6/14. Reopened Oct 8/14.
    Rodent infestation, poor sanitation.

GIANT PIZZA (6-794 Sargent Ave)

  • Closed Sept 10/14. Reopened Sept 12/14.
    Storing/preparing food under insanitary conditions.

GRASS FED GRILL (Memorial Blvd)

  • Closed Sept 5/14. Reopened Sept 6/14.
    An inadequate supply of water at a temperature of not less than 50C provided for cleaning purposes.

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