City Hall Selects Its 2015 Christmas Tree
Image Christmas tree golden glow – Uploaded by wsilver

City Hall has selected its 2015 Christmas Tree and it will arrive at 510 Main Street on Sunday, November 8.

This year’s tree was offered to City Hall by Mr. Ron Gerth.

The 40-foot Colorado blue spruce has been a front yard fixture at this address for about 45 years, and boasts a full symmetrical canopy with blue needles.

“The tree has grown too big for my yard,” said homeowner Ron Gerth. “I’m glad I could donate it so it could be put to good use and many people can enjoy it throughout the holiday season.”

“We’re thankful that Winnipeggers once again provided us with a great selection for City Hall’s annual Christmas tree,” said Martha Barwinsky, city forester. “This Colorado spruce has outgrown its present space but will beautifully illuminate City Hall once lit up.”

The ceremonial lighting of the tree will take place at an open event later this November.