McDonalds: 50% OFF Breakfast McWraps
Image McDonalds hunt 02 – Uploaded by Daveybot

From November 9 – 15, 2015, get 50% OFF the new More-ning McWraps at McDonalds.

They come in two flavours:

    Take off your sunglasses and bask in the glow of the hearty Sausage & Hash Brown More-Ning McWrap®. This tasty combination of our signature menu items is sure to minimize yawn talking, and prepare you for the productive morning ahead.
    You’ll forget all about the snooze button when there’s a delicious Kale & Feta More-Ning McWrap® on your horizon. This freshly prepared McWrap® will trick your co-workers into thinking you’re a morning person!

Most restaurants in Winnipeg sell them for $3.99 so you’ll be paying $2.00 for a decent size breakfast! [MCDONALDS]