Online Christmas Shopping Tips
Image by itsmeritesh

Christmas Shopping can be a very stressful time of year… Prices are inflated, parking is impossible, lines are long, weather is cold, and its impossible to find a perfect gift.

But the ease of online Christmas shopping has become a saviour. When done right, you can save time, money, and also get the perfect gifts all from the comfort of your home. Here are a few tips:

Shop Early!

The most important step in online Christmas shopping is to shop early!! Shipping from various retailers usually will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. So make sure you have a enough time for the items to arrive before Christmas.

Use Expedited Shipping
Christmas time is the busiest time for all mail couriers. If you order something online and choose regular parcel delivery, don’t expect it to be at your door anytime soon. Whenever possible, opt in and pay the extra money for Expedited or Express shipping. Also, watch for some online promos where you can get Free Expedited shipping when you spend x amount of dollars or more.

Combine Shipping
Save yourself a lot of money by purchasing multiple gifts at one online store. This way you only have to pay one shipping fee.

Avoid Ordering Outside Canada
Most large orders coming from outside Canada goes through Canadian Customs. The December backup period in Canada Customs will definitely cause a longer than normal delay for you items to get to you before Christmas time.

Use In-Store Pickup Options

Future Shop, Best Buy, and a few other retailers have this awesome feature where you shop online, then pick up your items in-store. If you can’t trust shipping times or don’t want to pay extra for shipping, then this method is for you. It will save you time and frustrations wondering around a crowded store. All you have to do is go to the Customer Service desk and present your online in-store pickup number. All your items will be waiting for you there. There is no charge for using in-store pickup, it will also save you in shipping costs.

Don’t Overspend
It is VERY easy for online shopping to get out of hand. Plan a budget, and stick to it! Don’t let the ease of online Christmas shopping make you spend more money then you have to.

Shop Around
The beauty of online shopping is you have the 1000’s of stores at your finger tips! So shop around and find the best gifts at the best prices. Going to multiple stores is now only clicks away instead of having to get into a cold car and drive through traffic. You can also find some unique gifts that no other local shops in Winnipeg are selling.

Stick to Reputable Websites
If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to reputable websites. If you have any doubts with an online merchant, a quick google search for reviews on it will quickly reveal a ‘scam’.

It might be impossible for you to complete all your Christmas shopping online and eventually you’ll have to face the madness in brick and mortar stores. But hopefully this post saves you a bit of time and stress this Christmas season.

Happy Holidays!