Reenders Drive Extension Now Open

The Reenders Drive extension between Stapon Road and Peguis Street is now open to traffic.

Almey Avenue will be permanently closed on December 4, 2015 to vehicle traffic between Ravelston Avenue West and Lagimodiere Boulevard. This is expected to significantly reduce traffic volumes for residents on Almey Avenue.

Almey Avenue will remain open between Peguis Street and Ravelston Avenue West. The Steinbach Credit Union will remain accessible via Lagimodiere Boulevard to Almey Avenue.

Motorists that currently use Almey Avenue to travel to and from Lagimodiere Boulevard are advised to use alternative east/west routes such as Reenders Drive, Regent Avenue or Concordia Avenue to connect with Lagimodiere Boulevard.

A fence in keeping with the design of the neighbourhood will be built during the 2016 construction season. The sidewalk on the north side of Almey Avenue between Ravelston Avenue West and Lagimodiere Boulevard will not be affected by the road closure.

See the map above.