Winnipeg Transit Returns to Full 2015 Fall Schedule
Image 70’s couch or transit bus – Uploaded by sanchom

Winnipeg Transit will return to its full 2015 Fall Schedule on Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

All previously reduced service levels that had resulted from mechanical issues with emissions control systems will be restored.

A backlog of maintenance repairs and an unexpected spike in mechanical issues in September forced fewer buses being available for Transit’s heavier fall schedule. The spike in mechanical issues was linked to a problem with the emission control systems affecting some buses in the Transit fleet.

The number of buses out of service has now been reduced from 109 buses on September 8, to 57 buses on December 3.

Cummins Engine Corp. has also changed their preventative maintenance schedules which now specify the periodic replacement of the major emissions components, and more frequent oil changes to achieve acceptable bus reliability.