Busiest Bar Night of the Year
Image Décoration YOU Night Club – Uploaded by Nathan.F

Tonight (Thursday, March 24, 2016) will be Winnipeg’s (and most of the world’s) busiest bar night of the year. Good Friday is the only holiday that lands on a Friday every year, so it creates a lot of long lines and 20 minute drink waits at almost every nightclub in Winnipeg.

Under the Liquor and Gaming Control Act, all liquor retailers are now allowed to sell liquor seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. except on Remembrance Day, when veterans are allowed to serve liquor at 12:00 noon and all other places are allowed to serve liquor at 1:00 p.m.

Liquor Marts in Winnipeg will be closed on Good Friday but restaurants and dining rooms will be permitted to serve alcohol.

A few tips for the party animals this weekend:

A packed club is a packed bar – don’t expect to get a drink at anything quicker than 10 minutes. Pre-gaming (Verb. To casually drink before an event) is a good idea to avoid having to line up at the busy bars all night. Less time lining up for a drink means more time dancing and scouting the club.

Show up Early!
On a normal bar night the line will form around 9:30 – 10pm, your best bet to guarantee entrance to the club is to arrive from 8pm-9pm.

Get on a VIP List
If you MUST show up fashionably late – then make sure your name is on a VIP list. Many clubs will offer a free VIP list if you sign up early enough (at this point, it’s probably too late)

Leave Your Coat in Your Car
The weather should be nice and warm this weekend. Warm enough for you to run from the parking lot to the club and tough it out while you wait in line. If your showing up late, don’t expect to get coat check, this is usually the first thing to sell out. If your leaving late, don’t expect to get your coat without a 15 minute lineup. Bottom line, leave your coat in your car if you can.

Do Your Research
Almost every club in Winnipeg is doing something spectacular on Thursday night. Be sure to research your options to find the best night for you. Things such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools to discover what each club is offering.

DO NOT… DO NOT.. DO NOT!!!! DO NOT Drink and Drive
Drinking and driving is a criminal offence. Lets all have fun, but keep it safe Winnipeg!

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