H&M, Marshalls and HomeSense Coming to Kildonan Place
Image hm-logo – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

The last empty Target space in Winnipeg is now spoken for. Kildonan Place presented plans to a community committee for a H&M, Marshalls and HomeSense yesterday to replace the space that has been empty since April of last year.

The closures of Target across Canada left landlords with a lot of empty space coast to coast. In the city of Winnipeg many of those spaces were picked up post haste. Grant Park Target is soon to be a Canadian Tire. Southdale Target has been converted to a Walmart. Polo Park Target is now owned by Polo Park but we have not seen what their plans for it are. And now last, Kildonan Place will be see three new stores.

H&M has taken off in Canada and done very well in their Polo Park location. It is easy to see why they thought a new location would be in order. Marshalls has expanded rapidly in Winnipeg but have been looking for a location in the east of the city for some time. And HomeSense as well has been ripe for another store.

The economy may still be doing stuttersteps to recovery but at least in the city of Winnipeg the empty spaces left by massive Target won’t be left unfilled for much longer.

This has been a guest editorial by John Dobbin.
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