Winnipeg Simpsons fans will all remember the episode where a road enraged driver yells “That’s it, back to Winnipeg!”. But was he actually referring to Winnipeg, Manitoba?

What many of us don’t know is that there is a small community in Laclede County, Missouri called Winnipeg, complete with a street and cemetery!

For decades, The Simpsons writers have teased viewers by providing hints on where the fictional town of Springfield is and isn’t located. Since there is a Springfield in almost half the States in the U.S., including Missouri, it makes for great comedy.

Could the quote actually be referring to Winnipeg, Missouri and not Winnipeg, Manitoba?!? The episode features Bart on a road trip away from Springfield. This could easily be another hint from writers telling viewers that Springfield is or isn’t in Missouri.

It’s some nice food for thought… and probably a great debate to table the next time your having a few drinks with fellow Simpsons fanatics.

What do you think?

What Was The Simpsons Episode Referring To?

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (79%)
  • Winnipeg, Missouri (21%)
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