The Most Parking Ticketed Streets in Winnipeg
Image by kdingo

If you’re ever parked on any of the streets mentioned below, there’s a good chance you’ll get a parking ticket if you’re not careful.

In 2015, the city issued 165,279 tickets totaling $5.5 million. The top ten most ticketed streets were:

  • Bannatyne Avenue (5009 tickets)
  • McDermot Avenue (4973 tickets)
  • Hargrave Street (4288 tickets)
  • William Avenue (4241 tickets)
  • Kennedy Street (4181 tickets)
  • Garry Street (3103 tickets)
  • Edmonton Street (2892 tickets)
  • Carlton Street (2884 tickets)
  • Broadway (2867 tickets)
  • Fort Street (2606 tickets)

Parking in downtown Winnipeg is difficult. However, starting September 1, anyone parking downtown in a 2 hour spot will be able to buy an extra 30-minutes on their metre.