Pre-Order Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus for $44.99
Image by iphonedigital

Looking for the ultimate Christmas present? Then pre-order Nintendo’s Pokemon Go Plus at Amazon for $44.99.

This little device is expected to sell out everywhere before the holiday season.

EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH THE POKÉMON GO PLUS ACCESSORY AT YOUR SIDE! The Pokémon GO Plus accessory can be used with any compatible smart phone that has the Pokémon GO application installed. After the Pokémon GO Plus is paired via Bluetooth LE and a brief setup process is completed, players can encounter and catch Pokémon like never before. When the smart phone with Pokémon GO and the paired Pokémon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokémon is close by. With the convenience of not having to look at your smart phone, simply press the button on the Pokémon GO Plus to attempt to catch a Pokémon while you are out and about.

This item will be released on September 30, 2016. [AMAZON]