City Street Spring Cleaning Starts Tuesday, April 18
Image by bobolink

The city will begin the annual spring cleanup operation of streets, sidewalks and back lanes on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:00am. The $6-million operation will take around five to six weeks to complete.

To assist in efficient street cleaning operations, temporary “no parking” signs will be placed on some streets to restrict on-street parking during scheduled cleaning times. When these signs are in place, motorists are encouraged to find alternate parking during the posted times to avoid being ticketed or towed.

Crews will initially focus on the downtown area, major routes, bridges and overpasses. Sidewalks, active transportation pathways, boulevards and medians will also be swept on main routes, bus routes and collector streets. As well, crews will be cleaning up litter and debris within our City parks. Cleanup of boulevards in residential areas will be limited to areas where there is excessive accumulation of sand.

Citizens are reminded not to rake yard waste material (e.g. grass clippings, leaves) or other debris onto streets as this can plug drains and cause ponding problems as well as increase your risk of basement flooding.

“Our crews will be busy cleaning up sand and debris from more than 7,000 lane kilometres of streets, 1,600 lane kilometres of walkways and over 50 bridges and medians,” said Jim Berezowsky, manager of streets maintenance. “Be on the lookout for no parking signs and street cleaning equipment in your neighbourhood and remember to stay back and stay safe.”

The spring cleanup operation involves over 300 pieces of equipment and approximately 500 staff, including both City and contractor personnel.

Drive safe Winnipeg!