Canadians Will Once Again Get U.S. Super Bowl Commercials on Sunday
Image by NFL

Canadians will once again get U.S. Super Bowl commercials this Sunday if they watch the big game on a U.S. station (NBC).

In 2016, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) banned Simultaneous Substitution, which allows Bell/CTV to replace the U.S. commercials with their own in order to gain more ad revenue.

This was a disaster for the Canadian sports stations carrying the big-game who saw a huge drop in viewership. To try and combat this, CTV, CTV Two and TSN2 are offering more than $300,000 worth of prizes if you watch the game on their station (with Canadian commercials of course). They’ve also gone one step further by creating a website where views can view U.S. commercials prior to game.

Bell Media has been challenging the ruling since 2016 but the ban still remains in place this year.