Winnipeg Looking for Its First Kid Mayor!
Image by davidclow

Winnipeg is looking for its first Kid Mayor!

Kids between the ages of eight and twelve living in Winnipeg are welcome to apply. They’ll need to explain what they think Mayors do, and what they would do to make Winnipeg an even better place to live and why. Submissions need to be under 250 words and submitted either online or by mail. The submission can also be in form of a video.

“This is a fun, but at the same time educational initiative that I hope will build a greater appreciation for and understanding of municipal government,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “As well, it will be a great opportunity for elected members to learn from our kids who can sometimes say the darndest things and are rarely shy about what they think and feel. I hope kids across Winnipeg can find time to share what they think it means to be Mayor, and if given a chance what they would do to make Winnipeg an even greater city.”

Entries will be reviewed by an external panel of judges, and one lucky submission will be selected to become Winnipeg’s first Kid Mayor.

Entries are due by Tuesday April 3, 2018 and can be submitted online at