It’s going to cost you a bit more to park in Winnipeg. The city announced that it will be increasing parking rates by $1.50 starting April 1, 2018. The current $2/hour rate will bump up to $3.50.

Each individual pay station will need to be re-programmed manually so it will take a six to eight weeks to fully implement. If the rate card still has the old rates, then it will be honoured.

To help with the transition, the Winnipeg Parking Authority will post and update a map online daily (weekdays only) that shows which pay stations have been updated.

As a bonus, the PayByPhone app will charge the old rate until all pay stations are updated. So even if your parking spot has the new rate card, you’ll continue getting the old rate with the PayByPhone app until the transition is fully complete.

Scratch and park meter passes with a lower rate will be valid until June 1, 2018.