READ: Brian Bowman's AMA Session on Reddit

Brian Bowman, who has been the Mayor of Winnipeg since 2014, will be running for re-election on October 24.

Mayor Bowman has never been someone to shy away from social media. On October 3, he took on a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit where users could literally ask him anything.

A few highlights:

  • /u/zemonstaaa: Mayor Bowman, I appreciate your energy. You are always at Winnipeg activities while I am lying on the couch like a blob. Do you ever lie on the couch like a blob?
    • /u/BrianBowman2018: Yes, I crash hard and watch movies with my family. Over the weekend I saw Avengers: Infinity War which we all enjoyed while wearing pajamas and eating pizza. I may have had a beer.
  • /u/fortrouge1981: Can we name a street after Chris Jericho?
    • /u/BrianBowman2018: Of course we can. :)

Visit Reddit to see it all unfold.