Seafood City Supermarket Winnipeg Will Open on Thursday, November 28

Seafood City Supermarket will open its first Winnipeg location at Garden City Shopping Centre on Thursday, November 28, 2019. Doors will open at 9:00am.

Thursday, November 28 is the day before Black Friday, so expect to be waiting in long line ups all weekend.

Seafood City Supermarket is an iconic Filipino-focused grocer that is known for being the leading one-stop market, shopping, dining and retail hub that caters to the Asian/Filipino community.

The chain currently has locations in California, Seattle, Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Mississauga. The supermarket will be 43,000 sqft and take up nearly half of the old Sears location. The remaining space will become home to smaller stores.

Winnipeg is home to over 56,000 Filipinos. It has the third largest Filipino community in Canada by population and the largest by population percentage (8.7%).

This won’t be the first Filipino-chain to open in Winnipeg. In 2016, Filipino fast-food restaurant Jollibee open its first location in Winnipeg (and in Canada). They followed it up with a second location in 2017.

In the fall of 2018, Max’s Restaurant, a Filipno-based dine-in restaurant opened on St. James street.