CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Location Opening in Winnipeg

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, the world’s largest bubble tea chain, is opening its first Winnipeg location at the Seasons of Tuxedo.

The Taiwan-based franchise was established in 1997 by Tommy Hung and currently has over 3,500 locations world-wide. In Canada, there are currently numerous CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice locations all over Ontario.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice will sell bubble tea, milk tea, lattes, smoothies and juice. Ingredients will be shipped from Taiwan for authenticity.

According to the website, all tea is brewed and kept for a maximum of three hours. Tapioca is also freshly made and stored for a maximum of four hours.

Their signature drinks include:

  • 3 Guys: Milk tea, tapioca and grass jelly
  • Bubble GaGa: Passion fruit tea, tapioca and coconut
  • Sago Taro Milk: Taro milk tea served with sago bubble

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An opening date has not been announced.