Manitoba Hydro will be making it easier to manage billing, report outages and view monthly usage on your mobile device!

Their new online account is rolling out soon. In the next few weeks, they will be sending all MyBill registered users an email that contains an activation link to transition from MyBill to the new online account. To complete the transition, you will simply need to click the activation link and follow the prompts to input your postal code and password.

This new mobile-friendly online account adds even more options for managing your Manitoba Hydro service online.

  • Report outages and receive personalized outage alerts for your home, business or cottage
  • View your monthly energy bill online 24/7 and access relevant account information
  • View monthly usage and compare it to your previous year’s usage
  • Get real-time notifications and reminders about your account and service via email, text, smart phone notification or automated phone call
  • Request to start, stop or transfer your service
  • Request payment arrangements and sign up for billing plans such as the Equal Payment Plan and the Pre-authorized Payment Plan
  • Reach our customer support faster and easier

Once the new online account is rolled out, Manitoba Hydro will also be releasing the Manitoba Hydro App. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices.