Winnipeg Man Looks to Break Guinness World Record for Consecutive Times a Movie has Been Watched in Theatres

Winnipeg’s Craig Sharpe is looking to set a new Guinness World Record this fall!

He is halfway to breaking the Guinness World Record for most times a movie has been watched consecutively in theatres. His movie of choice? None other than Christopher Nolan’s TENET.

“Tenet gets better with each viewing.” said Craig, “Besides the amazing storyline, the filming locations are beautiful.”

At time of posting, Craig has seen the movie 60 consecutive times. He will need 109 to beat the current world record. His goal is 120.

The official title of the Guinness World Record is Most Cinema Productions Attended – Same Film. The record is currently held by Australia’s Joanne Connor who saw Bohemian Rhapsody 108 times in March 2019.

Craig has also started a GoFundMe to help pay for Covid-19 masks, protective gear, and to raise money for charity:

Trying to fulfill one of my dreams of making it into the Guinness World Records books. For me, that is seeing the movie “Tenet” in the theater at least 109 times for 2 reasons.

1st being that I have never really “swung for the fences” for something I cared for. Being in Guiness is one of those dreams.

Secondly, I have always been passionate of seeing movies in the theater, and Christopher Nolan is one of those directors that makes a movie an event in and of itself and just as much as he strived to have it released is how much I want to go for this record. 108 is the current official record.

I’m aiming to see it 120 times. Guiness just got back to me today accepting my application. Money raised will be going to covid-19 masks, appropriate protection for myself, transportation, etc. Any and all money raised after my goal is met, I will be donating to 1JustCity. 1JustCity is an organization founded by four member charities – Oak Table -Northend Stella -St Matthews Maryland – West Broadway Community Services​Who work together with volunteers, toward a city where all are cared for, all have enough to eat, a place they belong and feel loved. Link: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please help with my dream and stay safe. Thank you.

You can also follow Craig’s journey on Instagram.