There’s not many things worse than walking around downtown and suddenly needing a washroom.

For the more fortunate, it might mean a short drive or walk to find one… but for the homeless, it’s not as easy. Add in a pandemic with business closures, and it’s almost impossible.

The City of Winnipeg is working on making public washrooms available 24/7 for all who need them. Seven temporary washrooms have been opened at the following locations:

  • 473 Selkirk Ave.
  • 26 Osborne St.
  • 75 Martha St. (three units)
  • 222 Furby St.
  • 345 Portage Ave.

The Places to Go – Restroom Strategy was formed to identify these areas where washrooms were required most for those in need,”

“These washrooms will help provide dignity for residents in the downtown area who do not have personal access to a washroom.” said Chris Brens, Manager of Community Development.

Funding for the Places to Go – Public Restroom Strategy is through the Canadian Medical Association Foundation’s donation to the Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations for $670,000. Of this total, $50,000 will go towards temporary public washrooms and the remaining $620,000 will go towards permanent public washrooms.