Manitoba will be getting a 3rd area code by June 2024. The 584 area code has been reserved for Manitoba and will exist along side 204 and 431.

A recent estimate suggests that the supply of available 204 and 431 area code numbers will be largely depleted by June 2024. 204 and 431 numbers will still be available when people disconnect their old numbers… however, any bulk requests for numbers, such as those from cellphone carriers, will have the 584 area code.

There will not be a requirement to change any existing numbers. 204 and 431 will continue to exist.

History of Manitoba Area Codes

  • 1947: 204 area code introduced
  • 2012: 431 area code introduced
  • 2012: 10-digit dialing made mandatory in Manitoba
  • 2024: 584 area code expected

It took Manitoba over 50 years to deplete the 204 area code, so why will 431 get depleted in just over 10 years?

The influx of cell phones has drained the stock of phone numbers. Also, technologies such as the internet of things and parking meters consume many available numbers. The arrival of new phone providers also takes up a lot of phone numbers. For example, Xplornet is now Manitoba’s fourth wireless carrier.