Costco Canada has entered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich war!

It’s not available in Winnipeg yet, but it’s already rolled out to Vancouver and Ontario stores. The glorious 810 calorie sandwich will cost $4.89 at the Costco Food Court and will sell alongside their already popular poutine, chicken fingers, pizza, and wings.

A crispy chicken patty will sit in a cheese bun with spicy mayo. Unlike all other Chicken Sandwiches, there is no pickles. If you love Costco’s cheese buns, then you’ll love this sandwich. The buns are baked fresh in-store!

As always, you’ll need a Costco Membership to purchase hot food items from the food court. Due to COVID-19, dine-in at the food court is closed. Food court purchases must be made at the Food Court kiosk. You’ll then bring your receipt to the counter to claim your hot food items.