The Granite Curling Club is this year’s host for The Beer Can and it is much bigger than we have ever seen it.

The previous location on Main Street was extremely popular. Since COVID-19 restrictions remained tight for operations inside bars and restaurants, outdoor patios were the next best thing.

The Granite Curling Club is a beautiful building and curling (like a lot of sports) has taken a hit this years as a result of closures.

The city has footdragged on patios forever and it still does (or overcharges). If we want street-life, it can’t be by making everyone go inside. And if we want to stay safe, we need more outside options. That is not just from the pandemic, but having outdoors leads to a collective watch group. It’s hard to be up to no good when everyone is watching… And nowadays… recording.

The view at The Beer Can is amazing. Osborne Village overlooks the site across the Assiniboine River. You have to bet that the patio has not gone unnoticed there.

Danger is still all around us. Outdoors is better than indoors for the moment. Be mindful of those who are vulnerable. Things are still serious out there. We don’t want even further restrictions.

Enjoy your patio time.

This has been a editorial by John Dobbin.
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