Fried Chicken lovers rejoice! The Winnipeg Fried Chicken Fest will return for a fifth year in a row! The 2022 festival will run from January 13 – 22.

The ultimate competition will celebrate the best (and most unique) fried chicken in the city!


  • Restaurants register to join Fried Chicken Fest and be eligible to receive votes from YOU, the ultimate judge in the best fried chicken dish.
  • From January 13-22, you tour the restaurants (the 2022 list is coming soon) with dishes celebrating Fried Chicken Fest and try AS MANY AS YOU CAN.
  • Vote for your favourites.
  • Winners are announced.

Stay tuned for photos of all the 2022 unique creations!

2021 Winner:

The winner of Fried Chicken Fest 2021 was Meal Set Bistro on Academy Road with their Kode Red Krispy Bao: