The province is once again offering FREE entry to provincial parks from September 1 – 4, 2023. A park permit will not be required to enter any Manitoba provincial park. Manitobans are encouraged to take advantage of all the activities available in the great outdoors at provincial parks.

Overnight camping fees still apply, as do entrance fees to national parks.

Tips for visitors and campers at provincial parks include:

  • be ‘Wildlife Smart’ by maintaining a clean campsite, keeping all food, trash, toiletries and cooking utensils locked in a vehicle or trailer, and pack out trash and recyclables before leaving;
  • keep all pets on leash;
  • keep all campfires in approved pits such as those found in campsites, check with the campground office for any campfire restrictions; and
  • to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer, firewood should not be transported outside Winnipeg and can result in charges and fines of up to $1,300 for individuals or $15,000 for businesses. Firewood should be obtained and burned locally, and is available for purchase from local retailers at most campgrounds

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