The Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market is back to celebrate culture, food, and community!

As the weather in Winnipeg begins to cool down, Winnipeg’s chinatown is set to come alive with an event that promises to be even more unforgettable than before. After the resounding success of 2022, the eagerly anticipated 2023 Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market will return from September 9 – 10, from 12:00pm to 9:00pm.

Winnipeg’s Chinatown will transform into a tapestry of culture, cuisine, and community engagement. Nestled in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, this event is set to captivate your senses and spirit like never before. You will be transported to a world where tradition meets modernity, and flavors collide in the most delightful of ways.

A Culinary Odyssey: One of the main draws of the Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market is its array of culinary delights. The event promises to be a haven for food enthusiasts, as it showcases a melting pot of local favorites alongside exotic treats that are sure to intrigue even the most discerning palate. From aromatic stir-fries to delicate dim sum, sizzling skewers to mouthwatering desserts, the Night Market is a gastronomic journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine.

Cultural Revelry: Beyond the delectable dishes, the Night Market promises a rich program of cultural performances that will both entertain and educate visitors. From the graceful strokes of Chinese calligraphy to the intricate art of origami, and the serene elegance of a traditional tea ceremony, these performances are a window into the soul of Chinese culture. Every display is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and age-old traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Community Connection: The heart of the Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market lies in its commitment to fostering community cohesion and inclusivity. This event isn’t just about celebrating a particular culture; it’s about creating a space where everyone can come together, share experiences, and find a sense of belonging. By breathing new life into the public plazas and streets of Chinatown, the Night Market reclaims these spaces as vibrant, culturally relevant meeting points for all.

Embracing Diversity: Everyone is welcome. The Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market takes pride in its ability to unite people from all walks of life under the banner of cultural appreciation. It’s a celebration that transcends age, background, and interests, reminding us of the beauty that emerges when diverse communities gather in harmony.

Free Admission: Admission to this event is absolutely free! As an added bonus, free parking is available at Marketlands, making it convenient for you to gather your family and friends.