Winnipeg Taxi Availability Report by CBC News Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

In a recent study made by Manitoba Taxicab Board have indicated that ratio between available taxis and our population is higher compared to other cities. However, that does not indicate there is a shortage of cabs available for the city of Winnipeg, it only indicates that there are fewer taxis left idling waiting for fares

Here is a breakdown of taxis available by cities provided by the Manitoba Taxi Board:

Calgary –> 809
Edmonton –> 857
Ottawa –> 1,078
Quebec City –> 1,125
Regina –> 1,658
Winnipeg –> 1,728
Hamilton –> 1,761

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with arranging a taxi for a pick up early in the morning before going to work, primarily I get call them the night before. However I have had issues with getting them to pick me up at night.

Soundoff: How long have you ever waited for a taxi to arrive?