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Make sure to check out your local Visions on St. James or Pembina!!! Page 6 of this weeks flyer has the Gangsters: The Ultimate Film Collection DVD priced at $25.88! This may be a pricing error so be sure to bring the flyer with you or price match at Futureshop or Bestbuy!

Regular price is around $70 and they have it going for $30 taxes in.

This set includes 9 DVDs:
Disc 1: AMERICAN GANGSTER – Original Theatrical Version
Disc 2: AMERICAN GANGSTER – Bonus Disc 1
Disc 3: AMERICAN GANGSTER – Bonus Disc 2
Disc 4: SCARFACE (1983) Platinum Edition
Disc 5: SCARFACE (1983) – Bonus Disc
Disc 6: CASINO – Anniversary Edition
Disc 7: CASINO – Bonus Disc
Disc 8: CARLITO’S WAY – Ultimate Edition
Disc 9: CARLITO’S WAY – Bonus Disc

Amazing deal!!