Winnipeg Used Cars Selling Used Cars.. From Winnipeg! Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Winnipeg Use Cars. Sounds like a sweet concept. Used cars from Winnipeg owners for Winnipeg owners. I haven’t done business with anyone through here yet and there’s no way to contact the actual site owner to see how long this puppy’s been running for. Using some intense Phoenix Wrighting (it’s a word I made up) though, i noticed “©2005 Winnipeg Used Cars” at the bottom. Which would lead me to assume that this was established in 2005. Do not hold me to that. What do i know? I’m just a blogger who likes Metal Gear and Winnipeg.

Looks like its a great place to shop for beaters. Some really sweet (cheap? haha) cars for sale in the Compact cars section. I’d say cut out the nervous, over eager car salesmen. Give this puppy a spin.

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