Canada’s 4th National Cellular Network, Backed By MTS Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

MTS, along with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Blackstone Group LP are planning to own and operate Canada’s 4th national cellular service. In an upcoming bid for wireless airwaves, MTS and co. are aiming to give us better service for a better price. It also sounds like a lot of money is ready to be invested should everything fall into place.

One thing that excites me (or gets to me?) is the fact that they haven’t decided on a network type to use. We’re like 10 years behind Japan’s awesome 3G network… and we’re still talking about using GSM and standard CDMA. Today’s phones may be cool to some, but wouldn’t you want something crazy hot? It’s all in the eye of the beholder I’m sure. Regardless, I know there are a good chunk of us who would love to own a JDM phone. Now imagine being able to use it!

Cheers to this new alliance! May they step up and bring about our 3G revolution!