McRIB is back… again! Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

The McRIB had a ‘farewell’ tour back in October 2007, but it looks like its coming back to Canada for on more farewell tour before its put on the shelves for good! The sandwich is rumored to return on Monday, March 17.

From Wikipedia:
The McRib consists of a boneless pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles served on a 6 inch (15.2 cm) sesame seed roll. When first introduced packets of special McRib barbecue sauce were available with the sandwich. This sauce was much hotter than the barbecue sauce on the prepared sandwich and was only available for a short time. When the McRib was brought back as a “specialty” sandwich the sesame seed roll was often replaced with a standard hamburger bun; this was sometimes called the McRib Jr.

So what other McDonalds foods do you all miss?

Here is a list of some McDonalds foods off the top of my head that have been discontinued:

  • Dino Sized Fries to promote Jurassic Park. Where the fries came in the HUGE drink containers.
  • Curly Fries!!! I remember whenever i ordered regular fries and got a curly fry mixed in i went YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!
  • PIzza… McDonalds pizza was awesome!! I still hope they bring it back. Maybe a facebook group is in order.
  • Arch Deluxe – best commercials ever.
  • Poutine… short lived… but was ok.

Anything else? Leave some of your favorite discontinued McDonalds products in the comments section and I’ll keep this post updated!

Curious to see what other people around the world are eating at McDonalds? Check out this great article from wiki.