Autorama World of Wheels 2008 Originally uploaded by angela solis

I knew what I was getting myself into. Really I did. I knew it was a car show that didn’t really focus on the boy racer/import tuner scene that my friends and I have grown to love. Notable cars (from my point of view) was an FC RX7 with an LS2 swap, the Saturn Sky with LS2 swap and twin remote mounted turbos (hawt), this green SRT4, Shaun’s RSTi and Motion’s Civic. Other than that there were these really old trucks and hotrodish cars that I really knew nothing about.

It was a great turn out and the lines for that Jason Earles guys from Hannah Montana was amazing. Seriously the line was easily half of the convention center and probably an hour or two in wait time. Our boy Virgil was as happy as ever so that was great to see too.